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Slating and Tiling

roofing that's built to last for many years to come sealed with a ten year guarantee

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Slating and Tiling

The decision between a slate and tile roof depends on your individual preferences and requirements.

Tiles are generally more budget-friendly and offer a greater variety of colors and patterns. Meanwhile, slate boasts exceptional longevity and adds a rustic appeal to your home.

Roofing slate is highly durable and can be fully functional for decades. slate works extremely well as a material for roof repairs and as a roof covering in general.

Natural slating is the perfect choice for maintaining that period look of your home. This is most important for so many of the original sandstone homes across Scotlands two largest cities.

The lifespan and durability of slate tiles means that you needn’t have to worry about future roof replacement work. Any future work that you would need on your roof would be (or at least should be) low level roof repair maintenance through the likes of storm damage.

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